Gold Agent Membership Subscription

GHS 1,598.60 / year

  • Create Courses
  • Sell Courses
  • Award Certificates
  • Develop Koware
  • Showcase Academics

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Create Courses & Nurture Students to Learn!

Registering for this membership plan grants priority permissions to the listed features

1. Create Course Content

  • Get paid 24% commission on all referral sales

2. Sell Courses to Prospective Students

  • Get paid 9% commission for each of your referral’s referrals

3. Award Certificates to Students

  • Get paid 2%-to-7% commission for your referral’s referrals to the 5th Level

4. Partake in Koware Development Programmes

  • Get invites to attend development workshops and improve your affiliate skills

5. Showcase Your Academic Work

  • Get acquainted with Community Architect and Junction Affiliates
  • Create an affiliate portfolio with the best affiliate programs

Your subscription funds our development to create the best membership experience for you.

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Create Courses, Sell Courses, Award Certificates, Develop Koware, Showcase Academics


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