Membership Guide

How to Earn Badges

Lifestyle Badge

  • Objective: Complete your 'Lifestyle Profile'.

Visit this link to manage your profile:


  • Benefit: Connect with members who share lifestyle interests with you.


  • Reward: *Unlocked* Bingle Lifestyle Search Block activated on Dashboard
  • Reward: ₱2’0930.1689

Pollster Badge

  • Objective: Complete a membership survey.

Visit the following link URL to complete a survey:

Tip: Complete more surveys to get more ₱almier Point rewards 

  • Reward: ₱2’0930.1689

Publisher Badge

  • Objective: Make at least 3 (three) posts of any type: Article, Audio, Course, Event or Forum

Tap on ‘AddPost’ in the bottom menu to start adding posts


  • Reward: Extra entries per post increases chances of winning end of term raffle.
  • Reward: ₱2’0930.1689

Academic Badge

  • Objective: Complete Blue Crown Academy's Registration & Orientation

Visit this link URL to start the registration process:

  • Reward: *Unlocked* Enroll in courses and access Study Tours.
  • Reward: ₱2′4175.8425

Health & Safety Badge

  • Objective: Complete the Health & Safety course and pass the quiz

Visit this link URL to start the Health & Safety course:


  • Reward: Join the Health & Safety team to develop the course.
  • Reward: Get paid to teach and refer new students to the Health & Safety course.
  • Reward: ₱930.1689

Webmaster Badge

  • Objective: Complete the Website Design Course and pass the quiz.

Visit this link to start the Website Design Course:


  • Reward: Become a Webmaster and connect your site to Koware’s Webring
  • Reward: ₱930.1689

Classic Entrepreneur Badge

  • Objective: Refer at least 3 (three) signup referrals using your unique affiliate link URL

Here is your unique affiliate link URL:
  • Tip #1: Share the flyer with your unique affiliate link URL
  • Tip #2: Open your unique link URL to signup your referrals for them
  • Reward: ₱1’4051.5000

Silver Lifestyle Membership Subscription

Tap on 'AddPost' to start creating

  • Catalog Articles & Pictures
  • Audio & Podcasts
  • Activities & Events
  • Create Forums & Discussions
  • Feature in Koware Magazine
Silver Lifestyle Support Forum


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